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But you already knew that. What you are wondering now is, "Are these scumbags going to sell my email address to spammers?" No! We hate spammers as much as (quite possibly more than) you do. So we'll treat your email address with respect and use it wisely. What does that mean exactly? If you are really that detail-oriented, read on!

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We will only use your email to contact you regarding things like account events (registration, suspicious activity, something is expiring, etc.) or things you specifically request, like forgotten password emails. That's it. We may add a bunch of opt-in stuff in the future like newsletters, sales, etc. OPT-IN. Which means it falls under the "things you specifically request" category. I know, at this point you're thinking, "Where are the other 18 pages of dense, all-caps, legal gobbledegook?" Sorry, we don't go in for that.