Space Combat Game

Skyfire is a top-down spaceship combat game inspired by the Star Control series. Control diverse alien species, each with unique abilities, in ship to ship combat. Take on your friends in fast paced local multiplayer battles, or gather your forces and conquer your sector in the single player campaign. Strap yourself in pilot, the cosmos awaits.

Is it finished yet?

We are working hard on Skyfire right now. You cannot buy it yet, but you can play the prototype for free...

Click here to play Skyfire!

Supported Platforms
Short version: PC & Consoles

We will release versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers for sure. We would really like to release Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions as well, and we are eagerly waiting to hear from the Playstation Partner and ID@Xbox teams to get our development kits. We are really curious about the AppleTV (4th generation) as well. We are waiting for Unreal Engine 4.11 to be released so we can test AppleTV support out.

Mobile support? Unlikely, unless we finish with the other versions and find that lots of people would really like it. We are focusing a lot on same-couch-gaming-with-controllers, which is a different playstyle than with mobile. We do have another game for mobile platforms you can go check out.

The Team
Core Team

  • Zac Stocks — Game Design, 3D Modeling, Writing, Play-Testing, Social Media Liason
  • Nathan Stocks — Programmer, Unreal Engine Specialist, Blueprinter, Technical Artist, Implementer, Webmaster


  • Austin Miner — Sound Effects
  • Mehmet Pinarci — 3D Modeling
  • Vytenis Tolutis — Concept Artwork
  • Joe Gremlich — Technical Artist, Visual Effects
  • Derrick Drysdale — Concept Artwork
  • Internships / Contract Work

    You can only crew a ship so big with four people. We're looking for additional crew members to help us with Skyfire. We don't (yet) have enough funding to hire for full time positions, so we're currently looking for skilled students who want to get an unpaid internship with a game company under their belt, and for skilled individuals willing to do part-time contract work.

    Interested? Send an email to


    We really want you to have a great experience! For that to happen, we need you to let us know what ails you. What crashed. What didn't work. What one little thing bugs you to death about Skyfire. We would love to talk to you all in person...but then we wouldn't be able to actually make the game, so for now, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as we possibly can.

    Privacy Policy

    We do not share any customer information with any third parties except where required by law or as necessary to provide customer support.