Space Donuts - The Game (prototype)

The Space Donuts game prototype was one of the first projects that we ever undertook at Agile Perception. We had a bunch of stuff that we hoped to learn along the way:

  • Is Unity 3D 4.x (the latest version at the time) the right game engine for us?
    No. We ultimately decided to use Unreal Engine 4 instead. But Unity 3D was pretty interesting!
  • Can we make a web site that people can log into?
    Yep, sure can!
  • Can we let them log in via their Google account?
    Absolutely! Works like a charm.
  • Can we make secure, user-specific links to download products?
    Yes! Fancy stuff. That means we'll be able to sell direct...if we ever get the store page finished, anyway.

Ultimately, we learned a lot working on this prototype. But since we didn't have any actual product goals for Space Donuts (roughly themed after the Space Donuts book, by the way), we shut down the project when we decided not to go with Unity 3D.

Space Donuts Prototype

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