Bevy Game Engine
$349** - Click here to purchase!

Join Nathan Stocks for a fun crash course on how to use the Bevy game engine to make games with Rust LIVE at RustConf 2023!*

This is a hands-on course! We will create a 2D game from start to finish. Graphics and sounds assets will be provided! Topics covered include the entity-component-system (ECS), game state, user input (keyboard, mouse, & gamepad), audio output, sprites (2D graphics), text rendering, and how to use plugins such as the physics plugin. If we have time we will also go over how to compile the game to web assembly and host it on a web site. This course is aimed at developers with intermediate Rust skills--please consider taking one (or both) of Nathan's Ultimate Rust courses first! You need a decent laptop and are encouraged to bring a gamepad such as an Xbox or PS4/5 controller that is paired via bluetooth to your laptop.

*This course is not affiliated with RustConf 2023. It will be held in a rented room at the same convention center.

**If you are a Bevy contributor, contact me for a discount!

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