Nathan Stocks
Rust, Game Development, Pickleball

Nathan Stocks has been a software developer for over 25 years. He fell in love with Rust began teaching it shortly after it was released. Now he teaches LOTS of Rust courses! 😄 He also contributes to the Bevy game engine and tinkers with developing his own games. He has a few successful open source projects such as Rusty Engine, headtail, and even a Python test runner named Green.

Nathan loves teaching, especially at conferences like RustConf and OSCON*. His online courses have enrolled over 50,000 students on Udemy, and he has recently began self-publishing his own online courses as well, including Ultimate Rust Crash Course and Ultimate Rust 2: Intermediate Concepts, with more coming soon.

If Nathan had to pick his favorite technologies, they would be: Rust, Python, PostgreSQL, Linux (server), macOS (desktop), iOS (mobile), vim and emacs and VS Code, and web assembly.

Nathan loves to spend time with his wife and kids, play pickleball, eat food, and play video and board games. His ambition is to one day run his own tiny software company where he can spend his days fanatically polishing a product that his customers love.

At the moment, Nathan works at GitHub as a Senior Software Engineer. See his LinkedIn profile for more employment info.

*Back before covid killed O'Reilly's conferences 😢